Riiulikõlar PIEGA Coax 10.2

Riiulikõlar PIEGA Coax 10.2

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Not everyone has unlimited space available. Very large or very high rooms can really been seen as a privilege. So it is only logical that we have developed a small loudspeaker with extraordinary sound qualities.


  • Kontorist saaksid kätte: 2-4 tööpäeva
  • Pakiautomaadist: 3-5 tööpäeva
  • Kulleriga: 3-5 tööpäeva

14 päeva tagastusõigus ja garantii 24 kuud!

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With the coaxial ribbon system, tweeter and midrange have been combined in a single unit, forming a single acoustic center, in the X, Y and Z axes. What does this ingenious technology offer the music lover? Thanks to the coaxial ribbon system, all frequencies are transferred and perceived by the human ear at the same time. This therefore prevents the production of any interference, thus ensuring perfect sound quality. The speed of the ultrafast bass chassis, harmonizing perfectly with our racy coaxial ribbon system, also contributes to this excellent sound quality.
Regardless of the musical direction being played, the Coax line offers a breathtaking sound quality at high and low volume levels.



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